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Stay Cool in This Scorching Hot Texas Heat!

Our A/C techs will have your car blowing freezing cold air  in no time!

Houston Car AC Repair Experts

Has your car’s ac system stopped working on you? Are you having to commute through traffic with your windows down, sun burning, and sweat running everywhere? Well you have come to the right place!

For over 30 years, Dixie Auto Air has been keeping Houston drivers cool. Our shop specializes in auto ac service for all types of vehicles. If your vehicle isn’t blowing enough cold air, or if it’s not blowing any air at all, we can help! Our shop also installs custom ac applications for cars that didn’t come with air conditioning from the factory. This includes newer model cars and classic cars. Let Dixie Auto Air Spare you from the brutal Houston summer days.

AC Repair / Heater Repair

We offer professional car A/C repair services in Houston. We are known for fast turn around times, competitive pricing, and quality work. We also work on car heater systems!

Custom Car AC Systems

Wether you own a hotrod or a classic car with no AC, or a newer car that didn’t come equipped with AC, we can customize an AC system for you that will fit like factory! Give us a call.

Custom AC Hoses / Lines

As a shop that specializes in everything car A/C realated, having the ability to build custom ac hoses and lines is a must! We also build hoses for other industries. Speedy service!

We aim to provide you with the BEST AC REPAIR SERVICE IN HOUSTON

Read Our  Google Reviews

Happy Customer they did a great job same day service. Dealership estimate was $685.00 Dixie Air replaced 2 hoses and recharged the system for $250.00. This company has the equipment to make AC hoses on site, this saves a lot of time and money. Nissan dealership wanted $235.00 for the replacement hoses. Dixie also gave me a ride to work when I dropped off my car. First time I used them was 21 years ago for same problem different vehicle. Not as fancy as the dealership but a good value 🙂 They gave me a 6 month warranty on the repairs.

David Boddie

This shop defined the problems on my truck, fabricated and replaced the hoses, replaced the accumulator, and replaced my fan clutch.. The vehicle works great, now..

A Google User
Amazing place. super honest. great work.
Mary Skinner