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Classic Cars & Hot Rod AC Systems

Just like you, we are car enthusiasts. We know the countless memories a car brings you, as well as the money, time and sweat that  goes into building a car. Just because a lot of sweat went into building a car, doesn’t mean you should sweat in it after you’re done building it. Ride in comfort in your pride  and joy with one of our custom ac car systems. We pay attention to detail to build an ac system that will fit like a glove! Be assured that your car will be in good hands.

Jeep Custom AC System – Modern Car AC

Many modern cars don’t come with AC systems. As crazy as it may sound, even high performance cars like the Camaro Z28 (some versions) don’t come equipped with ac. The manufacturer may do this purposely to reduce weight. Some Jeep models also don’t come equipped with AC. This might make sense if you live in a cool state like California, but not in Texas. AC is a MUST here. Whatever the reason may be, we can install an AC system in your car that will look and perform like it came from factory!

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